Output Point is not a full services design house, however, we provide graphics, layout and design concepts that won't exceed your budget... just your expectations!

Output Point 並非一間提供全面廣告服務的廣告代理公司,但是我們的美術設計人員具豐富廣告設計經驗,如有需要,我們也會提供優質的平面廣告設計服務。

  Output Point's Portfolio 5/3/2005  

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Ginger-02 Glucolin ad 04 HKCO Dec ad 04 Happy Meal ad 04
Ginger-02.jpg Glucolin ad 04.jpg HKCO Dec ad 04.jpg Happy Meal ad 04.jpg
Happy Mom Feb Ad 02 Kinder Mar Ad 04 Lego Ad 12Mar04 -06 LiveEng ad 04
Happy Mom Feb Ad 02.jpg Kinder Mar Ad 04.jpg Lego Ad 12Mar04 -06.jpg LiveEng ad 04.jpg
LukChan ad 03 Lukchan Dec Ad 07 Lukchan Feb Ad 01 Lukchan Sept Ad 04
LukChan ad 03.jpg Lukchan Dec Ad 07.jpg Lukchan Feb Ad 01.jpg Lukchan Sept Ad 04.jpg